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UZ clinic is an integrated private clinic that was established by urologist Dr. Niyazi Umut Özdemir in Antalya in 2017 merely for diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders. Our clinic brand UZ means “to compromise” in Turkish. Unlike other clinics, when couples visit UZ clinic for their problems, they are accepted together rather than individually. Our clinic serves to patients and visitors Monday – Saturday.


Sexual Problems are one of the leading topics that are observed in many relationships but rarely spoken.  Unfortunately, these problems may arise even in the ideal relationships that have initially started in a good way and then might reach unbearable levels. Eventually, the couple’s relationship either ends up or turns out to be an unhappy forced relationship due to offending words and actions to each other. In fact, in the center of the problems which look like huge and unsolvable, there lies easily solvable tiny details. Common misconception is that the problems among women result from mostly psychological diseases and the problems among men result from mostly some organic ones. However, the matter is never that simple or one-sided. If there is one thing certain,it is that the sexual problems are always the matter of “harmony” among the couple in the first place.


Sexuality is the most complicated and mysteriously functioning system of our body. Many organic and psychological factors may cause various problems. We try to resolve them with a different approach. Generally, those who suffer from sexual problems consult to either a urologist, or a gynecologist, or a psychiatrist. However, the principle of “work together”, what we call multi discipline, is a rarely applied method in these matters. We go beyond it and address these problems in an integrated way. Thus, we assess you together for your sexual incompatibility problems that you encounter as a couple and suggest a private treatment model for yourselves. UZ clinic calls it UZ Therapy. This model combines the area of Urology, Marriage Therapy and Sexual Therapy.


Why are we in favor of a treatment with partner principally?

Sexual intercourse, which is the most important component of Sexuality, means that a man and woman temporarily form a single body. Therefore, a problem or a pathology that is experienced by one of the couple will cause a dysfunction(disease/discomfort) in the other. It should not be forgotten that any sexual problems that seem to be belonging to only one partner actually belong to the couple. For these reasons, single-directional approaches in treatment always remain incapable and it never becomes possible to solve the issues completely. To sum up, we host our clients as a couple in order to obtain a faster result and a permanent solution. 


What do we do when the patients are not couple?

Certainly, those who have a sexual problem or do think that they have a serious one are not only married people, they might be single people, too. Even, some people might move away from the idea of getting closer to opposite sex or end up their relationships just because they think they will not be able to overcome such problems. We also help such individuals by suggesting some exclusive approaches for them. Because, it is an important duty for us to resolve the sexual problems of bachelor people to help them set a family for themselves. 


If an individual is diagnosed with only an organic problem then what type of treatment we apply ?

If we detect a sexual problem that is resulted from only a physical disease, what we call organic, then either we prefer to treat the disease that causes the sexual problem first or try to take its progress under control in first place. For instance, if the patient has an erection problem that is cased by diabetics, then we perform all the necessary endocrinology tests and consultations. In order to cure the erection problem, we apply various treatment methods depending on its degree, such as medicine, LSWT (Linear Shock Wave Therapy) or some surgical treatments such as penil prosthesis treatment.


How do we perform the therapies and examinations ?

Your examinations and therapies are performed by the steps what we call “set” and each “set” is composed of 1 to 5 examination and/or therapy sessions each of which takes at least 45 minutes. The number of sets and sessions may significantly vary from couple to couple depending on the type and degree of the problem that each couple is having. 

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